2021 Road Trip: Table Rock State Park, SC


The morning weather was perfectly overcast for this 3,124 ft elevation 3.6 mi. hike to the summit of Table Rock Mountain. The park itself is about 3,000 acres of land with various trails and outdoor activities. I was only going to be camping for two nights and decided on scaling the highest summit of the park. There are four spectacular views along the way.

The alone time in nature signified the end of the trip and some much needed alone time to integrate all of the experiences. My intention was to meditate on the mountain top and have some kind of super spiritual experience. I arrived at a large open stone bluff and sat down and waited for the magic… but nothing happened. My mind was perfectly calm and blank. It felt right, so I just kept on hiking.

Every time I go on a hike, I’m reminded of all the other hiking trails I’ve traveled: the Taunus Mountain Range & the Black Forest in Germany, the Camino in Spain, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, trails around the vineyards in Flörsheim, the Oak Leaf Trail, Devil’s Lake, AuTrain’s Haiwatha Forest, Willits California, 7 Bridges, Hank Aaron State Trail, Harrington Beach State Park, Lapham Peak…. to name a few. This reminds me that I still need to hit the Ice Age Trail!!

Also…. here is a picture and list of my minimalistic hiking gear:

  • 2 Side Pouches
  • Waterproof Hiking Boots
  • Belt (to keep pants up and as a tourniquet)
  • Handkerchief (to keep cool)
  • Smart Watch
  • Map
  • 4 Bottles of Hydration
  • Cliff Blocks
  • Ziplock Bag & TP (leave no trace)
  • Mask
  • 3 granola bars
  • Wallet
  • Floss
  • Vit C tabs
  • NSAID & Benadryl
  • Pocket Knife
  • Map

I left my fancy compass at base camp because the trail is clearly marked and there is a hiker registration at the trail head where you fill out your name and emergency contact information. The ranger said most of the rescues for these trails are from dehydration and rolled ankles.

I did see a couple of hikers with camel backs instead of water bottles and we all agreed that the hip packs are more efficient in terms of reducing weight carried on the shoulders and the amount of heat generated on ones back from carrying a back pack. I would highly recommend using side packs for warm day hikes and saving the back packs for warm hikes. This particular trip took me about 5 hours including a break for lunch at the summit.

Thank you all for joining me on my 2021 Road Trip adventure! This was the last stop of excitement on the way back home. This vacation was such a wild way to shake things up after the happenings of 2020…. I highly recommend getting out and creating your own interpretation of a modern walk about. Until next time…. #liveyourbestlife


2021 Road Trip: Maryland & West Virginia

These are the first three solo days of the trip. It was time to rest and integrate. The environments in Maryland and West Virginia had a magical and receptive air about them. The blooms on the trees and flowers poking their heads up were inviting new life, new possibilities, and new opportunities.

I spent more time outside in nature, watching the water flow, listening to the birds, and watching the people pass by. I felt that I was in a very different space from the people around me. They were all happy to visit a quaint little tourist town in America, Harper’s Ferry, WV. 

Instead of looking up the history of this place, I just drank in the abundant peace. I let the waves of calm wash over me. I sensed this wasn’t always a place of calm and peace, but through the passing of time and the many footsteps of travelers through the land, it had become something to nestle oneself into.

The beauty of the land is breathtaking. The train passes on a regular schedule. All the restaurants serve sandwiches and ice cream. The historical buildings around town are set up as museum displays, frozen in time. The history feels grounding.

My time in Harper’s Ferry was more internal than external. I spent my time contemplating a more perfect union between the feminine and masculine energies. How they can come to appreciate the qualities of the other. How the masculine energy can be one of action and also of steady patience. How it can create a space for the feminine to express itself. How the feminine energies are nurturing, beautiful, and magical. How together they can grow each other when they’re both vulnerable.