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  • Sustainability: Fork-Knife-Spoon

    Good morning everyone! Today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite contraptions for #priuslife which is actually great for life in general. The fork, knife, spoon set. I originally got this to reduce the amount of plastic and single-use cutlery I was consuming.  Since I became conscious of my impact on the environment […]

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  • Sustainability: Trash Removal

    Before we get started, just to be clear, this post is not about zero waste living. Zero waste living is next level minimalism where people make lifestyle choices to reduce and eventually eliminate their generation of waste products in their life. To learn more about zero waste living you can read these amazing stories for […]

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  • RVA Environmental Film Festival 2021

    February 12th – 26th 2021 I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to create a musical composition for the RVA Environmental Film Festival. This year’s film festival is being showcased entirely online. Check out their website and the various titles to sign up for your spot today! click here for the RVA […]

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  • Sustainable Snail Mail

    The postal service is amazing for all the wonderful things it brings us, but what happens to all that extra paper? In this challenge we will apply the Zero Waste Hierarchy Model from “Zero Waste Europe” to snail mail. We challenge you to follow these steps over the next month to achieve Sustainable Snail Mail. […]

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  • Composting

    Click Here to Watch the Informational Video What is Compost? Compost happens naturally as organic matter decomposes. It is sometimes referred to as “black gold” because it contains many nutrients for plant growth. This dirt is great for gardens or for improving the soil structure. Composting is the active intervention and expediting of this process. Composting […]

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  • The Life Cycle of A Butterfly

    Can you imagine what it must be like to go through a transformation where everything about who you are changes, except for your nervous system? That’s what happens in the life cycle of every butterfly. Stage 1. Egg Not much happening in this phase of life. It is interesting to not that female butterflies will […]

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  • Fundraising for Mali, Africa

    This summer I’m interning for International Solidarity for Africa – Mali. Their mission is to ensure a path of sustainable development for the people in Mali by supporting collective participation in several different projects. Some of their projects are: Revitalizing Communities Through Sustainable Growth Restoration of Soil Degradation and Adapt to Climate Change Providing Drinking […]

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  • How to Make Mint Cuttings

    How to Make Mint Cuttings in Water or Soil Watch the video! The most ideal time to grow a new mint plant from a cutting is late spring and early summer. It is very easy to make a new mint plant from a clipping. Mint is a very prolific plant that will quickly spread and […]

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