Firewalker Arts – Coaching – Ananda Walker

My mission in life is to leave the planet better than it was when I arrived. One of my favorite ways of accomplishing this mission is by supporting others in finding their passion and helping them to live their life more efficiently through healing and coaching work. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thai Yoga Bodywork, I feel like there is so much that can be released from our bodies and lives through this art form. I believe in living sustainably. That means living in a way that can be continuously maintained into the future and leave the planet in better shape than it currently is. The thread of sustainability can be woven through every aspect of life be it relationships, food, housing, social justice, and your life’s work. I also believe that as a people we have become disconnected from our relationship to the planet and each other. I aim to facilitate healing in individuals and groups to re-establishing a healthy and sustainable livess. I do this through individual sessions, facilitating group work, hands-on workshops, educational workshops, facilitating discussion groups, and public speaking. My philosophy is to “give more than you can receive and soon you will be receiving more than you can give.” 

Certifications, Degrees, and Accomplishments

Ananda is a certified Thai Bodyworker, a certified Life Coach, a minister of the Universal Life Church, a Reiki practitioner, a certified Sound, Voice and Music Healing Practitioner, a certified DNA3 Thetahealing® Practitioner, a Meditation Teacher, a Wilderness Quest Leader, a Fire Performer, a Fire Safety Instructor, an Artist, a Musician, and a Writer. She has an Associates Degree in Recording Arts and Undergraduate degrees in Economics & Global Sustainability with a minor in German from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is  passionate about infusing sustainability into all aspects of life.

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