Thai Bodywork

7,168 Hours of Massage

Thai Yoga Bodywork is one of the oldest documented form of bodywork.  It incorporates deep pressure, acupressure, and stretching.  Thai Yoga Bodywork is performed fully clothed on a Thai mat.  We start at the feet and move towards the crown aligning the bones, muscles, and energy lines.  During the session you may recognize some of the stretches as yoga postures.  Thai Yoga Bodywork is often called “lazy man’s yoga”.  Thai Yoga Bodywork is a very deep practice.  It is great for increased immune system, increased flexibility, relaxation, and pain relief.

Location: 8500 West North Ave – Wauwatosa
Hours are by appointment only.

Call or email to schedule your appointment today! – 414 207 9881

60 min Thai Yoga Bodywork Session  $100
      Monthly $70
      3-pack $206
      5-pack $325
    10-pack $600

90 min Thai Yoga Bodywork Session $140
     Monthly $100

60 min Thai Foot Work $70
          Monthly $65
          3-pack $180
          5-pack $275
        10-pack $500

60 min Reiki $60

Thai Foot Work – Utilizes the Thai specific acupressure points, oil and thai balm.  This is great for grounding, detoxifying the whole body and relaxing the feet.

For booking please text: 414 207 9881
or email:

24 hours prior notice to reschedule appointment.  $25 fee for no show or canceling less than 24 hours before your appointment.