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  • Top 5 Sales Objections and Rebuttals

    At this point in your business journey, you have a product or service to sell and you’re doing everything you can to make sales, but it seems like you keep hitting different road blocks with potential buyers. You probably even notice that there’s a theme to these barriers. They are called “Sales Objections”. A Sales […]

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  • How to SEO Your Blog Post in 10 Steps

    Welcome to my humble website where I write about various topics of interest. The subject matter ranges from: Life Coaching, Sustainability, and Metaphysical Healing. This post on “How to SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your Blog Post” falls under the category of Life Coaching. To find more information on how to grow your business or do […]

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  • Healing The Past

    This method of healing the past came to me during the full moon eclipse in Taurus during Scorpio season of 2021. During this time a number of planets were in retrograde and the season is ripe for going deep into the past, unearthing ancient wounds in the genetic, historic lines, childhood, and other past situations. […]

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  • Attitude of Gratitude

    Making gratitude a part of your daily routine and life outlook has a huge impact on your perspective and your health. People who regularly practice gratitude notice an increase in positivity, liveliness, experience more positive emotions, sleep better, express more kindness and compassion, are more resilient, and have stronger immune systems. Sounds amazing right? Let’s […]

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  • The 5 Stages of Happiness: A Guide to Being More Happy more Often

    Just like the stages of grief, there are stages to happiness. The reason why I decided to write about this is because I notice so many people who really miss out of some of these stages. They do something special for someone in their life and it provides some momentary happiness or joy and then […]

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  • Health & Fitness: A Minimalist’s Approach in 6 steps.

    2020 was a year to stay at home and work on yourself. I decided to spend a portion of my time trying different diets and home routines to find one that suits me. I’ve tried different things with varying results because of A. a lack of knowledge and B. only partial commitment. Disclaimer: I am […]

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  • Motivation

    A key ingredient to achieving your dreams is understanding how motivation works, how to get yourself motivated and what style of motivation drives you. Motivation is the umph! we need to keep moving toward our goals and dreams. The etymology of the word means to literally to stimulate toward action, or a cause for action. […]

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  • Time Management

    Work smart, not hard…is my approach to time management. For me it’s all about making life’s activities daily activities more efficient so I can spend time on the things that really matter. In life there are things that must be done and things you want to do. To get them all completed in a timely […]

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  • End of the Day Reflection

    It’s the end of the day and things are winding down. Time to take stock of what happened and review. This is a great moment to reflect on the good things in your life, recognize areas where you have improved, and notice other things that came up to work toward. The act of writing down […]

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  • Morning Mindset

    You are a tiger coming out of your lair, getting ready to devour the day! In order to shake off dream land and get in the zone you need the perfect blend of “get-up-and-go”. Utilizing the first 20 minutes of the day to get pumped can set your day up for success. There are many […]

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