Chakra Meditation Workshop

Location: Hot Heads Salon 6100 W Viet St. Milwaukee, WI

10/30    Root
11/06    Sacral
11/13    Solar Plexus
11/20    Heart
12/4      Throat
12/11    Third Eye
12/18    Crown  

The chakra system is a series of energy centers associated with different areas of the body. This system is an in-depth map of the full range of human possibilities. Awareness of this ancient system is a guiding compass on the journey of life. Dedicated practice with the chakra system is a formula for wholeness.

We have limited space for 5 participants only to maintain social distancing and proper Covid-19 precautions. You must register in advance of the course to reserve your space.

$140 for the entire course.

Registration for this event has been closed!

Thai Yoga Bodywork Workshop – Thursday November 12th 7pm

6100 W Vliet St. Milwaukee

Learn Thai Yoga Bodywork techniques! This workshop will focus on loosening up your hips! The hips are the power house of the body, responsible for proper locomotion and carrying you forward in balance. Learn these techniques with a friend or family member so you can practice at home later. These techniques are great for sciatica, low back pain, hip pain, getting grounded, increasing mobility, increasing circulation, and more.

We are able to accommodate 4 pairs and maintain social distancing. Sign up today with your quaranteam partner to secure your spot. 
$60/per pair.​

Click below to buy tickets for you and your partner!

Registration for this event has been closed!