December 2021 Animal Spirit Tarot Predictions

Drawing of the "Black Egg" card from the Animal Spirit Tarot Deck.

Photo of the book describing black egg, Reads: 
Speaking from an authentic voice, the truth

The Black Egg contains one of life's essential treasures-the truth inside o fit resides no confusion, excuses, small talk, noise, or lies (not even white ones). This living and breathing vessel harbors only that which rings true. When this essence is in balance we speak slowly and clearly. We are drawn to activities like writing, reading, teaching, singing, or perhaps public speaking. Sounds draw us in, books draw us in, the concept of truth itself draws us in. we start asking questions like "What do I know to be true about myself?" and "What is true about the world?" When the energy of the Black Egg is not yet access we speak from an unsure  place. We say things others want to hear, gossip, or repeat stories to justify our subpar behavior. We might even try to convince ourselves that we have no inner truth at all. The energy of the Black Egg hovers and waits for you to reconnect.

Message from Light Beings: The energy this month is about connecting with truth, your truth, universal truth, the truth of others. This black egg is a sounding board that when we listen closely we can hear our own truths resonate back. This is about talking slowly and deliberately. You may feel called to speak your truth, write, teach or sing. Remember with the ascension process we are aiming for unity so we are also being asked to balance the multiple “truths” of those around us and ourselves as part of a greater whole where all the pieces fit beautifully together.

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