Chakra Meditation Workshop

Location: Hot Heads Salon 6100 W Viet St. Milwaukee, WI

10/30    Root
11/06    Sacral
11/13    Solar Plexus
11/20    Heart
12/4      Throat
12/11    Third Eye
12/18    Crown  

The chakra system is a series of energy centers associated with different areas of the body. This system is an in-depth map of the full range of human possibilities. Awareness of this ancient system is a guiding compass on the journey of life. Dedicated practice with the chakra system is a formula for wholeness.

We have limited space for 5 participants only to maintain social distancing and proper Covid-19 precautions. You must register in advance of the course to reserve your space.

$140 for the entire course.

Registration for this event has been closed!

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