#priuslife : Test Run

It’s time to hit the road! Lots of people are doing the #vanlife or other conversions and #priuslife is a variation on that same theme. This trip will be an extended version of the month long trip that we went on earlier this year in April 2021. Click here to read all about that trip!

The intention is to blog and video about the adventures, minimalist living, philosophies of life based off of past and current experiences, how to live your best life, art, Akashic readings of the collective, and whatever else comes up on the trip!

The first stop on this trip: Prometheus Gathering in Pomeroy, OH

This was the first fire festival attended since 2019 and it was so much needed. After everything that has happened in 2020 etc., it’s been challenging to find spaces to gather with others and socialize. The fire community provides a special kind of warmth for those who are interested in this art form. Around every bend you’ll find people who are dedicated to the art of movement, dance, prop manipulation, and hitting the flow state.

The daylight hours are spent studying prop manipulation at various courses, eating, buying things from the vendor village, and napping. The evening landscape is painted by the performance gala, Dj’s, live music, fire games, and all manner of thrill-seeking in the fire circle.

This year Prometheus took place at Wisteria: “A safe and loving place with a generous and kind community. It offers a land where people can be free and accepted for who they are. Find like-minded people and explore what Wisteria is and what it can be to you. ” The grounds offer lots to explore with 620 acres of land peppered with fairie shrines, hiking trails, hidden ponds, drum circles, and other gems.

This weekend was all about connection, creativity, and heart centered healing. Being out in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life allows the dust to settle and the cobwebs to clear. This trip really showed me how much I want and need to be in nature. The happenings of 2020 changed the way I view the world and what I think of as “wild”. It’s funny how we think that being out in nature is “wild” even though the trees, grass, and open sky are the natural state of the world. To me, it’s actually the city that is “wild”. A place that has grown out of control into different distortions and contortions.

What are your thoughts on the city vs nature? Comment below!

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