Full Moon in Aries: October 20th, 2021

The information in this blog is very closely aligned with the collective energy reading that I posted earlier today on youtube:

This full moon is in the fire sign of Aries. The moon is all about our emotions and bringing fire into the full moon energy could have you feeling reckless and explosive! This full moon is also happening in Libra season which is all about finding balance in the relationship between the self and others so, be aware that you may find yourself in an intense relationship confrontation this full moon. 

Remember that during this full moon, everyone’s temperature is going to be hot. Full moons turn up the volume on emotions around repressed stress, trauma, or pain and may be projected onto others. So you may find yourself on the giving or receiving end of an emotional explosion and it may be really hard to resist a reaction.

How to navigate this? Take some time to yourself during the full moon and channel the fiery energy into productive outlets. Rather than burning a bridge, acknowledge the issue and put it on pause for a moment until the energies have a moment to settle. This full moon is coming at the end of a mercury retrograde and the resolution of several other planets in retrograde. This means that the energy is ripe for bringing old patterns that are no longer serving us to the surface, to be observed and transcended during the full moon. While this may mean breaking away from certain people in your life, take a moment before you burn the bridge to be sure that’s what you want to do (you could always burn it tomorrow, after the full moon, if that’s what’s meant to be). 

Write a letter to your old self, or the person you’re having difficulties with, get all of your emotions out on paper. Write it all out, no holds barred, and then burn it to release the energy.

The Aries energy also urges us to tear apart old plans or things that aren’t working and start fresh. Don’t worry about the outcome of a new project, just get started and see where it leads you. Use the “going first” energy of Aries to break past your own resistance and start something new. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of things you want to do, or the number of steps involved in the new project. Allow yourself to be taken by the energy, there’s plenty available for trying out everything that you’re curious about.

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