July 2021 Animal Spirit Tarot Predictions

Message from Light Beings: Something deep will be triggered within you, maybe a memory, maybe a deeper desire, whatever it is, it’s something you don’t really want to acknowledge or haven’t wanted to look at. What’s important this month is to really take the time to be honest firstly with yourself. Recognize that you are uncovering something within yourself that may be big and helpful for others. Whenever we are clearing dense consciousnesses it doesn’t feel good. The energy can feel like molasses working its way through our body. Acknowledge the energy, emotions, feelings, etc. without making them “wrong”. Everything here is as it should be. Give this some space and be really honest with yourself about what is coming up and what it means to you. The shark cannot swim backward so, don’t look back.

Message from Light Beings: The movement of energy now is about forming communities and taking care of those in your circle. Think of this in terms of honoring everyone’s autonomy in the process. People are still moving in and out and finding their way through this new time and experience. There will be some shuffling around. This is an ongoing process in life, but our attention is being called to this energy right now to digest and understand how this works in a new way. You could think of it like star clusters or even when you’re eating cereal and one bit floats from one group to another. It just flows effortlessly. Things come into existence and dissolve. Groups form, create, move, dissolve, or fractal into other groups. Let things happen and flow. Just keep your purpose and vibration in alignment and allow yourself and others to move freely around while at the same time taking special care of those who are with you in every now moment. Dedication with non-attachment is the theme. Trust in the larger picture.

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