2021 Animal Spirit Tarot Predictions

2020 was a year for the books. The collective is ready to take a breath and celebrate the completion of a difficult chapter. Let’s have a look into what to expect for 2021.

This Tarot Reading is brought to us by Kim Krans the author of the Animal Spirit deck. What we are going to do is pull one card for each month. We will have a look at what the book says and then add a few words from tapping into the guidance from light beings about the nature of the collective conscious. The goal of this reading is to give a guide for what the collective conscious will be experiencing throughout the year. This is more directly related to the inner experience of all humans, but aspects will be reflected in the outer world. Remember that your personal experience of the collective will be filtered through your personal programming so the different energies that come up this year may affect you differently.

Why do a reading like this? Tapping into the movement of the collective conscious energies can help you to align your energy to the flow of what is happening in the world. This is akin to knowing how to utilize the energy of the different seasons. In winter we hibernate, rest, reflect. In spring we come to life, birth projects, sew seeds. In the summer we enjoy, move daily, allow things to grow. In the fall we harvest, tell stories, and celebrate.

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Element: Fire

Animal: Elephant

Balanced: One-pointed focus, generous, loving

Unbalanced: misunderstands fate

Bring to balance: Trust

Message from the Light Beings: January is all about tapping into your inner wisdom. We are in the middle of winter right now and this is a great time to take a moment to reflect on what we learned in the last year. Sometimes we think we know what’s going on and what our higher purpose is here in this life. To give an example: a lot happened in the last year that stirred a lot of passion and action and those things may have seemed like a purpose in the moment. The energy of those moments is now shifted and we are being asked to look deeper within ourselves for the underlying reasons we were engaged in those activities or felt those feelings. One of the goals of the current ascension process right now is to bring about Unity consciousness. Take some time to ask yourself these questions: What was my motivation for my actions last year? What did my feelings tell me about myself? What is my part in the greater whole? We are coming into alignment with our purpose and soon we will be asked to very strongly create the heaven on earth we seek. What part of this beautiful tapestry will you be working to make real? There is more work to do in breaking down old systems and thought patterns and the elephant energy of making a clear path by standing solidly in its own single-pointed focus and moving forward. This month calls you to really look inward and find what your calling and purpose are.


Element: Water

Animal: Swan

Balanced: Infinite Creative Power

Unbalanced: Agitated, Snippy, Lacking Vision

Bring Back to Balance: Solo Time, Writing

Message from Light Beings: Now that you have worked out your purpose, the creative forces will come through you and be available for you to explore and start to paint a more detailed picture of what that will look like. Ideas and creative energy will free flow. We are still in winter at this time so this card still calls us to work with ourselves in bringing our ideas and vision to life. This month the energies will feel very light and infinitely abundant. During this time you may find yourself having great revelations and insights into your own journey that will add to the positive forward momentum. Things from the past that may not have made sense or stuck energy that wasn’t processed all the way may suddenly be transformed into some creative insight. The vision here is of the beautiful swan on the water, ruffling its feathers majestically, recognizing it’s ability to fly but gliding gracefully on the water’s surface, reflecting on life with new eyes.


Element: Air

Animal: Owl

Balanced: Generous, Trusting, Secure

Unbalanced: Money quarrels, scarcity

Bring to Balance: An Offering

Message from Light Beings: This is showing up one year after the initial lock down. We have been in a time of scarcity in one form or another for one year now. This card points to abundance and wealth. This may mean a windfall, a change in job, a new opportunity, expanded social circumstances, travel, or anything that really adds value to your life. Given that we have been in a time period of lack it is important that we move beyond this mentality as a collective and trust that this is a new beginning and by sharing this new wealth and abundance with others we will spark the beginning of a wellspring of treasures. This will be an important month to remember to write out your gratitude list and remember that love and abundance flow when they are given freely.


Element: Air

Animal: Hummingbird

Balanced: Smart, Curious, Loves to Learn

Unbalanced: Pushy, Insistent, Sharp

Bring to Balance: Take A Class

Message from the Light Beings: If we have all followed the energy of the previous months this year, we will all have something to share and this is the time to get out there and get curious about what everyone else has been up to. Take their classes, be open-minded, make connections, and be a sponge. Approach other’s work as you would want your own to be received, with fully open, curious, and loving arms. This month is about sweet exchanges, connecting with others and their ideas, and planting seeds.


Element: Water

Animal: Octopus

Balanced: Interested, Engaged, Intelligent

Unbalanced: Needy, Clingy, Lacks Courage

Bring to Balance: Space to Oneself, Talk Therapy

Bring to Balance: Space to Oneself, Talk Therapy

Message from Light Beings: So far this year we have had a lot of information come through for ourselves and from others. Now is another moment to take some time to integrate all of the information that has come through and carefully consider decisions about where you are spending your energy. Remember that though everyone has a wellspring of life and everything looks so amazing outside of you that you also have a wellspring within that you can rely on. Stay tapped in to your inner knowing. This would be a good month to proceed slowly, journal, talk with your close friends or “angelinos”. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in other people’s personal business and be careful who you share your own troubles with. Recognize where relationships may be draining or not beneficial and make appropriate boundary adjustments. The vision is that we are really wanting to reconnect and spring into action, the caution here is to keep your eyes on the forward movement and not the sticky stuff from the past. There may have been a tendency to overshare or become overly involved in other people’s business in the past, but this new time is calling for intentional connections that are positive for all parties involved.


Element: Spirit

Animal: Sea Serpent

Message from Light Beings: It’s summer time! It is time to let go of all that is holding you back, enjoy the sun, be creative, express your true desires, allow what you desire to come into your world. You are safe and held by the mother energy of the earth. Let yourself be carried by your creativity.

July: Card 1

Element: Water

Animal: Shark

Balanced: Intriguing, Captivating, Mysterious

Unbalanced: Sneaky, Destructive

Bring to Balance: Honesty

Message from Light Beings: Something deep will be triggered within you, maybe a memory, maybe a deeper desire, whatever it is, it’s something you don’t really want to acknowledge or haven’t wanted to look at. What’s important this month is to really take the time to be honest firstly with yourself. Recognize that you are uncovering something within yourself that may be big and helpful for others. Whenever we are clearing dense consciousnesses it doesn’t feel good. The energy can feel like molasses working its way through our body. Acknowledge the energy, emotions, feelings, etc. without making them “wrong”. Everything here is as it should be. Give this some space and be really honest with yourself about what is coming up and what it means to you. The shark cannot swim backward so, don’t look back.

July: Card 2

Element: Earth

Animal: Wolf

Balanced: Reliable, Democratic, Fearless

Unbalanced: Judgmental, Dominating

Bring To Balance: Practice Letting Go

Message from Light Beings: The movement of energy now is about forming communities and taking care of those in your circle. Think of this in terms of honoring everyone’s autonomy in the process. People are still moving in and out and finding their way through this new time and experience. There will be some shuffling around. This is an ongoing process in life, but our attention is being called to this energy right now to digest and understand how this works in a new way. You could think of it like star clusters or even when you’re eating cereal and one bit floats from one group to another. It just flows effortlessly. Things come into existence and dissolve. Groups form, create, move, dissolve, or fractal into other groups. Let things happen and flow. Just keep your purpose and vibration in alignment and allow yourself and others to move freely around while at the same time taking special care of those who are with you in every now moment. Dedication with non-attachment is the theme. Trust in the larger picture.


Element: Spirit

Animal: Unicorn

Message from Light Beings: This month is about spirituality, awakening, and reflection. The vision is that this energy will be experienced by everyone a little bit differently depending on their level of spiritual awakening. Regardless of if you are starting your journey or have been in a state of understanding for a while, these energies have the potential to increase your consciousness of spirituality. You may find yourself seeking more information about spirituality, or having spontaneous revelations. You may also experience very strange coincidences in your life of things “magically” aligning. This would be a fun month to ask your guides for “signs” or “deeper understanding”.


Element: Fire

Animal: Zebra

Balanced: World, Enthusiastic, Fashion-Forward

Unbalanced: Jaded, Pouty, Vain

Bring to Balance: An Epic Adventure, Art

Message from Light Beings: Finally! If you haven’t gotten away from home yet, this is the time. Get ready for an adventure. Maybe it’s international travel, a road trip, going somewhere new within your country, or something else! This is the time to get out there and have an enthusiastic adventure. This energy calls us back to the vibe of the beginner’s mind. Seeing things as if we are seeing them for the first time and being completely delighted. Allow yourself to enter into this child-like wonderment and see the world from a new perspective.


Element: Fire

Animal: Scorpion

Balanced: Wild and Free, Fierce

Unbalanced: Jealous, Resentful, Unresolved

Bring to Balance: Honesty, Forgiveness

Message from Light Beings: Entering into scorpio on the 22nd, we welcome the scorpion energy! Fall is in coming in and we are in the time of the harvest. We begin to take a look at how our manifestations for the year have played out in our lives and the fruit from our endeavors. Instead of ignoring the things that didn’t go well, look them in the eye and discuss these situations with parties involved to resolve any underlying tensions. A way to open the conversation could look like “I noticed this pattern played out, what are your thoughts on this?” and ask open-ended questions to dissipate tensions. Once you’ve done the hard work, enjoy returning to your passion with resolve and determination.


Element: Spirit

Animal: Cosmic Egg

Message from Light Beings: This message is about completion. This month you may feel a sense of contentment rising up from within you as you reflect on the year prior. You did it! It’s been a cool ride and from the egg we came and to the egg we return. It’s about completing a cycle and also beginning of a gestation period. This is perfect for the coming of winter. This month should be spend just relaxing and recognizing your part in the beautiful tapestry of life. This part of the journey is complete, while another leg shall begin soon!


Element: Spirit

Animal: Black Egg

Message from Light Beings: The energy this month is about connecting with truth, your truth, universal truth, the truth of others. This black egg is a sounding board that when we listen closely we can hear our own truths resonate back. This is about talking slowly and deliberately. You may feel called to speak your truth, write, teach or sing. Remember with the ascension process we are aiming for unity so we are also being asked to balance the multiple “truths” of those around us and ourselves as part of a greater whole where all the pieces fit beautifully together.

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