May 2021 Animal Spirit Tarot Predictions

Message from Light Beings: So far this year we have had a lot of information come through for ourselves and from others. Now is another moment to take some time to integrate all of the information that has come through and carefully consider decisions about where you are spending your energy. Remember that though everyone has a wellspring of life and everything looks so amazing outside of you that you also have a wellspring within that you can rely on. Stay tapped in to your inner knowing. This would be a good month to proceed slowly, journal, talk with your close friends or “angelinos”. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in other people’s personal business and be careful who you share your own troubles with. Recognize where relationships may be draining or not beneficial and make appropriate boundary adjustments. The vision is that we are really wanting to reconnect and spring into action, the caution here is to keep your eyes on the forward movement and not the sticky stuff from the past. There may have been a tendency to overshare or become overly involved in other people’s business in the past, but this new time is calling for intentional connections that are positive for all parties involved.

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