February 2021 Spirit Animal Tarot Predictions

Message from Light Beings: Now that you have worked out your purpose, the creative forces will come through you and be available for you to explore and start to paint a more detailed picture of what that will look like. Ideas and creative energy will free flow. We are still in winter at this time so this card still calls us to work with ourselves in bringing our ideas and vision to life. This month the energies will feel very light and infinitely abundant. During this time you may find yourself having great revelations and insights into your own journey that will add to the positive forward momentum. Things from the past that may not have made sense or stuck energy that wasn’t processed all the way may suddenly be transformed into some creative insight. The vision here is of the beautiful swan on the water, ruffling its feathers majestically, recognizing it’s ability to fly but gliding gracefully on the water’s surface, reflecting on life with new eyes.

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