Sen Kalathari: Thai Massage

The Sen Lines in Thai Massage are the pathways for energy, life force, and “Prana” in the body. The Sen Lines closely resemble the Chinese Meridians and Indian Prana Nadi Lines. Working with the Sen Lines in a Thai Massage opens energy flow and removes blockages.

Sen Kalathari is associated with the muscular, skeletal, skin system and is also connected to emotional and psychic energy. It is sometimes called the psychological and spiritual line. It correlates to line 2 in the previous sequences. This line can facilitate subconscious emotional release. Working on this line can be very painful for clients because it can bring up a lot to be released. Approach working with Kalathari with gentleness.

Kalathari is related to the Fire and Wind elements. 

Activate this line via acupressure of either the fingertip, thumb, or knuckle. Follow the line starting from the big toe and working your way up the line.

Working on these lines treats:

  • Hernia
  • Mental Illnesses: schizophrenia, depression, hysteria, ADD, bi-polar, PTSD
  • Epilepsy
  • Addictions
  • Heart issues
  • Random moving body pain

Sen Ittha & Pingkala : Thai Massage

The Sen Lines in Thai Massage are the pathways for energy, life force, and “Prana” in the body. The Sen Lines closely resemble the Chinese Meridians and Indian Prana Nadi Lines. Working with the Sen Lines in a Thai Massage opens energy flow and removes blockages.

These two Sen Lines represent the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies. The Ittha, or left channel, represents the feminine/lunar/emotions/feelings/yin side. The Pingkala, or right channel, represents the masculine/yang/thought/analysis side. Bringing these two energies into balance is paramount for whole body health and for activating your personal MerKaBa. May of the images representing these two lines show the energies intertwining like a DNA strand as they circle the spine in rising kundalini energy. These energies also must be balanced in order to activate the Sen Sumana (all that you have the potential to become).

Ittha is related to the Earth element. Pingkhala is related to the Fire element.

Activate this line via acupressure of either the finger tip, thumb, or knuckle. Follow the line starting from the big toe and working your way up the line.

Working on these lines treats:

  • Headache, colds, cough, sore throat, chills, fever, nasal problems, dizziness
  • Trapezius pain, neck and shoulders
  • Internal organs
  • Intestines & Urinary Tract
  • Ittha: Spleen
  • Pingkala: Liver & Gallbladder

Sen Sumana : Thai Massage

The Sen Lines in Thai Massage are the pathways for energy, life force, and “Prana” in the body. The Sen Lines closely resemble the Chinese Meridians and Indian Prana Nadi Lines. Working with the Sen Lines in a Thai Massage opens energy flow and removes blockages.

This line is said to be the Life Energy Channel. This line runs along the 7 chakras and is considered to be the main pathway of Prana energy. This line is identical to Sushumna Nadi of the Indian ayurvedic system and similar to the Chinese Meridians Ren Mai and Du Mai. This line touches all that one is and all that one has the potential to be. 

It is believed that by working on the Sen Sumana, one can activate the Kundalini energy which is stored in the base of the spine and travels from the root chakra up through the crown chakra. This causes a spiritual awakening and liberation.

The Sen Sumana is associated with the Wind Element.

Activate this line via acupressure of either the finger tip, thumb, or knuckle. Follow the line starting from the big toe and working your way up the line.

Treatment of:

  • Chakra imbalances
  • Respiratory complaints: asthma, bronchitis, throat issues, cold, cough, chest pain
  • Heart disease, both physical and emotional
  • Digestive issues
  • Diaphragm spasm
  • Back pain

Minimalist’s Guide to International travel

This is a picture of the actual bag I travel with. I like it a lot because it has a padded laptop area, a side pocket for my thermos, a secret pocket, a beer bottle opener, a clip to close the top so I can stuff a lot inside and it’s water-proof.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of international traveling. Some of the places I’ve been are: Laos, Thailand, Germany, Spain, Morocco and the UK. No matter where I went, there were certain items that really saved the day. I’m also a bit of a minimalist and prefer to carry everything on the plane to avoid checked bag fees or expensive plane tickets. Below I’ve compiled a list of the bare necessities for international travel. You can of course add to this list but, I’ve found these to be the most essential items and they all fit into a regular sized back pack. 

Some questions you need to ask before you go are: 

What are the visa requirements? 
Does my phone work in this country?    This is different for every carrier and you’ll need to find out from them directly. 
Are there any vaccines I should get before I travel here?    The CDC is a great resource, you can also ask your regular doctor for assistance. 
Can I drink the tap water?    I don’t really like buying a bunch of water bottles so, I keep a travel coffee mug to fill up wherever I go. Not all countries have drinkable tap water and if you feel like it may not be safe, it’s always best to just buy bottled water for health reasons. Depending on the length of your stay, I would recommend buying gallons and refilling your mug as needed. 

The List

Color copy of Passport – in case you loose yours or, you may need it to do certain things like rent a motor bike in Thailand or climb the Atlas Mountains
Printed Itinerary – You can send this to concerned relatives so they’ll “know” where you are. It’s also helpful if there is some kind of computer error or your phone dies, you can still find your way. On this itinerary you should include your flights, hotel stays, the phone number and address of your embassy in that country. To keep a digital copy, you can email this to yourself.
Portable Power Bank – I have a tiny one that’s about the size of an E-cig and can charge my phone four times over.
PhoneCables & ChargersPower Converter – for the countries you will visit. For my five month stay in Germany I bought a power strip with the step-down voltage changer. This allows me to plug in my laptop while also charging my phone through a USB port. It is super handy and light-weight. Some countries have different voltages and can fry your electronics so, it’s always good to check in advance what type of converter you will need.
Headphones – for listening pleasure but also to block out annoying people on the plane.
Earplugs – for sleeping in noisy cities and also blocking out annoying people on the plane.
Toiletries – Totally minimalistic: Comb, Shampoo (you can also use as soap) nail clippers, hair ties (they come in handy for multiple uses).
Med Kit – Ibuprofen, Benadryl, bandaids, Neosporin, hand sanitizer, cold medicine from home (because there’s a real possibility of getting sick in a foreign country) but, if you are caught empty handed in the cold medicine department, don’t be afraid to ask at the local pharmacy for what you need. You can use google translate to help communicate your symptoms. Most other countries will sell antibiotics over the counter if you know how to ask for them.
Needle & Thread
Adjustable Belt – not just for holding up your pants but also for securing or tying items, or creating a tourniquet if there’s a serious injury (I’ve never had to use it for this purpose).Underarmour Shirt – for warmth if needed.
Hiking Pants – I have a pair of extremely light-weight hiking pants that can be changed into shorts. These are great for all weather even snow and they fold up really small.
Fluffy Blanket – This is great for multiple uses: comfort on the plane, picnics and a towel in a pinch.Scarf – also handy for tying things.
Freezer Ziplock Bags – For stuff, it makes sense.
Jacket – I use a standard hoodie but, anything would do.
Clothing – Two more pairs of socks than you think you’ll need (you can thank me later). Undergarments for each day, one pair of jeans and a t-shirt for each day. I could minimize this to 2 t-shirts and then buy clothing once you arrive. You can pack as much as you like but, I have found it is better to pack light and leave room for new items.
I packed this for my trip to the UK and was able to fit everything into my backpack. This allowed me to easily get through the airport and it wasn’t too heavy to carry. When I arrived, I bought some pajamas and that was all I needed. I still had some room left in my bag for souvenirs and a pack lunch. What about money? So, you don’t want to do a currency exchange at the airport because it’s really expensive. Its better to withdraw from an ATM and better still to use the first ATM you find away from the airport. You’ll need to check your account online for the exact currency exchange rate later. I hope that you have found this post helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions of things to add, please email me! 

Happy Travels,


May 2021 Animal Spirit Tarot Predictions

Message from Light Beings: So far this year we have had a lot of information come through for ourselves and from others. Now is another moment to take some time to integrate all of the information that has come through and carefully consider decisions about where you are spending your energy. Remember that though everyone has a wellspring of life and everything looks so amazing outside of you that you also have a wellspring within that you can rely on. Stay tapped in to your inner knowing. This would be a good month to proceed slowly, journal, talk with your close friends or “angelinos”. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in other people’s personal business and be careful who you share your own troubles with. Recognize where relationships may be draining or not beneficial and make appropriate boundary adjustments. The vision is that we are really wanting to reconnect and spring into action, the caution here is to keep your eyes on the forward movement and not the sticky stuff from the past. There may have been a tendency to overshare or become overly involved in other people’s business in the past, but this new time is calling for intentional connections that are positive for all parties involved.

Click here to see the predictions for the whole year of 2021.

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2021 Road Trip: Table Rock State Park, SC

The morning weather was perfectly overcast for this 3,124 ft elevation 3.6 mi. hike to the summit of Table Rock Mountain. The park itself is about 3,000 acres of land with various trails and outdoor activities. I was only going to be camping for two nights and decided on scaling the highest summit of the park. There are four spectacular views along the way.

The alone time in nature signified the end of the trip and some much needed alone time to integrate all of the experiences. My intention was to meditate on the mountain top and have some kind of super spiritual experience. I arrived at a large open stone bluff and sat down and waited for the magic… but nothing happened. My mind was perfectly calm and blank. It felt right, so I just kept on hiking.

Every time I go on a hike, I’m reminded of all the other hiking trails I’ve traveled: the Taunus Mountain Range & the Black Forest in Germany, the Camino in Spain, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, trails around the vineyards in Flörsheim, the Oak Leaf Trail, Devil’s Lake, AuTrain’s Haiwatha Forest, Willits California, 7 Bridges, Hank Aaron State Trail, Harrington Beach State Park, Lapham Peak…. to name a few. This reminds me that I still need to hit the Ice Age Trail!!

Also…. here is a picture and list of my minimalistic hiking gear:

  • 2 Side Pouches
  • Waterproof Hiking Boots
  • Belt (to keep pants up and as a tourniquet)
  • Handkerchief (to keep cool)
  • Smart Watch
  • Map
  • 4 Bottles of Hydration
  • Cliff Blocks
  • Ziplock Bag & TP (leave no trace)
  • Mask
  • 3 granola bars
  • Wallet
  • Floss
  • Vit C tabs
  • NSAID & Benadryl
  • Pocket Knife
  • Map

I left my fancy compass at base camp because the trail is clearly marked and there is a hiker registration at the trail head where you fill out your name and emergency contact information. The ranger said most of the rescues for these trails are from dehydration and rolled ankles.

I did see a couple of hikers with camel backs instead of water bottles and we all agreed that the hip packs are more efficient in terms of reducing weight carried on the shoulders and the amount of heat generated on ones back from carrying a back pack. I would highly recommend using side packs for warm day hikes and saving the back packs for warm hikes. This particular trip took me about 5 hours including a break for lunch at the summit.

Thank you all for joining me on my 2021 Road Trip adventure! This was the last stop of excitement on the way back home. This vacation was such a wild way to shake things up after the happenings of 2020…. I highly recommend getting out and creating your own interpretation of a modern walk about. Until next time…. #liveyourbestlife


2021 Road Trip: Florida

Few people know this, but when I left Florida in 2012 I had the intention of returning home to heal the wounds of the past and work on community building projects.

I didn’t know that I would be gone for nine years working on this project, growing, and learning. I was gone so long, I forgot why I left. Coming back to Orlando reminded me of my original intention.

Which raises the question: What did I learn in those nine years about healing and community building?

In short, both are messy… and worth it.

Healing and community building both require surrender and allowing to come to fruition. As Momma Rose put it, “I just allow people to be who they are and they just show up and find connections in each other.”

This human experience is all about the connections, the lessons, and emotion.

At the end of the journey, I have been transformed into a hologram, unafraid to feel anything and everything that this journey has to offer.

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As we come into the Age of Aquarius and an influx of the divine feminine I am finding a new balance between doing and being in everyday life. And like the story from “The Alchemist” by Paula Coelhe, I am discovering that sometimes the long way home is preferred.

Returning to Florida marks a true completion of an era in my life.

Heaven on Earth lies just around the corner. I can’t wait to see you there.

St. Pete Beach
Lake Eola

The first day in Orlando we walked around Lake Eola and got Vietnamese food for lunch. Then we visited the Pulse Memorial. The vibe was intense. A wall of photographs commemorating the event surrounds the club. You can see the pain of loss and the sweetness of connection in the photos.

When the Pulse shooting happened, I was performing at Pridefest Milwaukee. The following day there were metal detectors at every entrance and a special security detail to escorted us to the backstage area of the Dance Pavilion. I was anxious to be performing as David Bowie center stage. Nothing happened in Milwaukee that night, but the crowd was somber. The following year, I was blessed to be in a position to participate in and choreograph a piece for a tribute. The piece was a slow and delicate fire performance set to “Imagine” sung by the Penatonix.

Seeing the memorial grounded the connection between the tribute piece and the people who were directly affected that night. Many of the friends I connected with on this leg of the trip brought up the shooting and how it impacted their life. It was a terrible thing that happened and I hope that we can recognize how much more connected we are than disconnected. The event forged new bonds and made old ones stronger.

Love conquers all… “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us and the world will live as one.”

Alex the Bush Ninja who makes amazing healing balms

Being on the road can be physically taxing. I’ve been in a fair amount of pain and had some pretty wicked migraines. A friend from South Africa suggested I head over to St. Petersburg to meet up with Alex the Bush Ninja and get a healing balm created from over 50 different exotic healing plants.

This healing balm was a god send. He is the traveling type and teaches classes on medicine healing all over the world. He gave me a tutorial on how the balms are created as he put together the salve. We had a really beautiful exchange and as advertised, the balm worked to relieve aching muscles and my sore head. I highly recommend this guy, he is a beautiful and gentle soul and will create a custom made healing balm for you.

What does it feel like to end a chapter in life and begin a new one?

Taking a long walk along the shore and watching peacefully as the footsteps behind you are swept into the ocean,

looking ahead and seeing that where you are heading has yet to be written.

It’s standing on top the watch tower of your life and witnessing all the pain and beauty wrapped in every moment … listening as the wind whispers back to you the story of your life unfolding.

It’s a bittersweet surrender.

If you ever get the chance to do a modern walk-about, I highly recommend it.


2021 Road Trip: Washington DC & Virginia

There was a strong pull to drive through DC and stop at the Lincoln memorial. Partly because of the Black Lives Matter Movement and partly because I share a birthday with Abraham Lincoln. I wanted to take a moment to be in the presence of someone who changed the course of American history. Someone who started us on a new path. The road has not been smooth and there’s a lot of work left to do, but I needed to take a moment and sit at the foot of this statue and just contemplate the enormity of the decision that was made, all the pressure, and all the bloodshed that came after… and how it still continues today.

I do believe wholeheartedly that we are all here to transcend the differences of race and recognize that we are all human. That we can stand side by side in a brotherhood of man. That we can forgive and work together to form a new world. No matter what race or nationality that you come from, I’m with you. I see you. Let’s work together moving forward.


Richmond Virginia has a special quiet beauty. It feels similar to an old European city, well worn with footfalls of generations, history, struggle, and finally relief….peppered with stray bullets and graffiti. For me Virginia was about resting. Taking a moment to breathe and settle the energy. Chatting with an old friend while walking through a chapter of a lifetime we had together. Connecting the dots to complete an unfinished puzzle. Finding a final resolution and then taking a nap.

It was really sweet to chill in the yard and watch all the animals roam the yard. These two friends of mine found a way to carve a slice of heaven out of this earth and start making it their own. I sat calmly observing their gentle interactions while they fenced in and planted the garden. They worked quietly and steadily as though they had all the time in the world to enjoy the process. Taking gentle care of each step.

Belle Isle

We hiked through Belle Isle, had an authentic German dinner, listened to music, and contemplated the meaning of life around the campfire. These are the divine moments we live for, the ones where we can enjoy the simple beauty of being together for a conversation over a good meal.

2021 Road Trip: Maryland & West Virginia

These are the first three solo days of the trip. It was time to rest and integrate. The environments in Maryland and West Virginia had a magical and receptive air about them. The blooms on the trees and flowers poking their heads up were inviting new life, new possibilities, and new opportunities.

I spent more time outside in nature, watching the water flow, listening to the birds, and watching the people pass by. I felt that I was in a very different space from the people around me. They were all happy to visit a quaint little tourist town in America, Harper’s Ferry, WV. 

Instead of looking up the history of this place, I just drank in the abundant peace. I let the waves of calm wash over me. I sensed this wasn’t always a place of calm and peace, but through the passing of time and the many footsteps of travelers through the land, it had become something to nestle oneself into.

The beauty of the land is breathtaking. The train passes on a regular schedule. All the restaurants serve sandwiches and ice cream. The historical buildings around town are set up as museum displays, frozen in time. The history feels grounding.

My time in Harper’s Ferry was more internal than external. I spent my time contemplating a more perfect union between the feminine and masculine energies. How they can come to appreciate the qualities of the other. How the masculine energy can be one of action and also of steady patience. How it can create a space for the feminine to express itself. How the feminine energies are nurturing, beautiful, and magical. How together they can grow each other when they’re both vulnerable.

2021 Road Trip: Dayton

Enter into the magical melting world of a shamanatrix. This leg of the trip was much anticipated. The time spent in Dayton was one of multiple dimensions, collapsing timelines, template transcendence, and confessionals. I would love to be able to describe the experience, but I find that the standard English language lacks the capacity to fully encapsulate its unraveling. We will first need to invent a 4 dimensional frame for language before I can even take a crack at this…. so instead of trying, I will share a story and some music.

Music: Giaw8ke

Sometimes in life, I meet someone with whom I share a past life. A few times, we have both been aware of this shared life. When this awareness exists, we are able to uncover the life and put the story together. We each hold a few pieces and when we come together, they all fit into place. When the puzzle is complete, the emotions release and together we transcend the template of stuck energy from that life time.

In this story, we were both soldiers…friends in battle and training. The energy between us was of playful competition. We had a deep respect for each other as men of honor during that time period. Many years of training side by side and many evenings spent conversing and relaxing. Time passed as we grew together, but further down the road something changed.

One of our sons was entrusted to the care of the other. They went out of the city on a training mission. They went a little too far outside of the camp and were ambushed by the enemy. The son was captured and the friend returned empty handed. Tensions rose and resentments grew. The playful competition had an edge to it that sometimes went a little too far.

The guilt and grief of that lifetime were never transcended… until now. With an unexpected gesture of an offered olive branch from one to the other, the puzzle pieces started to fall into place.

We laughed, we cried, we arm wrestled… and then we transcended emotions across time and space. The whole dynamic between us changed and we were born anew.

After this experience, I’m taking a few days to rest and rejuvenate before moving on to the next stop on this wild trip.