Sen Kalathari: Thai Massage

The Sen Lines in Thai Massage are the pathways for energy, life force, and “Prana” in the body. The Sen Lines closely resemble the Chinese Meridians and Indian Prana Nadi Lines. Working with the Sen Lines in a Thai Massage opens energy flow and removes blockages.

Sen Kalathari is associated with the muscular, skeletal, skin system and is also connected to emotional and psychic energy. It is sometimes called the psychological and spiritual line. It correlates to line 2 in the previous sequences. This line can facilitate subconscious emotional release. Working on this line can be very painful for clients because it can bring up a lot to be released. Approach working with Kalathari with gentleness.

Kalathari is related to the Fire and Wind elements. 

Activate this line via acupressure of either the fingertip, thumb, or knuckle. Follow the line starting from the big toe and working your way up the line.

Working on these lines treats:

  • Hernia
  • Mental Illnesses: schizophrenia, depression, hysteria, ADD, bi-polar, PTSD
  • Epilepsy
  • Addictions
  • Heart issues
  • Random moving body pain

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