Testimonials – Firewalker Arts – Life Coaching

I highly recommend Ananda as a life career coach! Have been working with her for a few weeks now and her coaching has allowed me to take my business to a whole new level! I was feeling overwhelmed by my  business,  career path and life’s direction all at the same time, and she has helping me to refocus and I can see so much results already.  My experience with Ananda is a positive one personally and professionally. Some of her qualities are that she listens, self discovery, mind/body/spirit, shows empathy, and help me to see what truly matters. enough for anyone looking to grow your business or just having personal help. 

Thank you Ananda – Patricia

I am writing on the behalf of one of Firewalker’s members and founders, Ananda Walker. I am an amateur musician meaning I just don’t get paid for the music that I write, compose, and also play. It can be frustrating at times for having a talent and not obtaining due recognition for it. Upon brining this certain grievance to Ananda, she not only understood my dilemma but, offered a fantastic suggestion that I attempt to have my music material posted on the internet via ITunes, Spotify, and other internet based music stores.

I thought that she was quite genuine. In other words, she understood my situation. Based upon her genuine nature and like understanding, I was inspired to take action in regard to her suggestion. Therefore, I signed up for TuneCore and now have some of my music material posted for sale on a variety of internet stores such as ITunes for an example. Ananda Walker had given just the right advice at the right moment and for that I thank her very much, indeed.

-Rick Panizza

When the pandemic started I found myself feeling stuck in more ways than one.  Being stuck at home yet still working, I started really looking at my life and what I want it to be and how I want to change careers from the soul-sucking, de-motivating one I currently have, and I realized I needed to get some help.  Luckily I found Ananda and she’s been a huge help, and I can’t even begin to stress just how grateful I am to her for helping me turn myself around.  Meeting every week to go over goals helped give me a sense of structure and accountability that I just hadn’t been able to provide myself.  She kept me motivated to improve, instead of letting me allow myself to remain stuck and stagnant.  

I mean, I already knew a lot about personal change techniques, so I should be able to handle anything, right?  It turns out I really did need the assist and it has helped immensely.

Another part that has been absolutely essential is that I’ve really learned from her that failure is nothing more than feedback.  My natural tendency is to kick myself when I fail just a little and get discouraged, but her positive and accepting attitude has helped me to keep going and keep striving.  I’ve gotten lots of support and no judgment from her, but also honest feedback to help me actually improve, and I really appreciate that!

I started as a cynical and self sabotaging guy who always knew he should be doing better but didn’t have the drive, but now I’m consistently setting goals and making progress every week towards building the life I want to live.  Ananda doesn’t make big promises with lots of hype to get me excited about changes like some hucksters in the field do.  Instead it’s about using her honest, non-judgmental communication style to help me get to the heart of the problem.  From there, her collaborative approach paired with her insight and creativity have helped me generate solutions and set goals, and then her supportive attitude and sense of humor have kept me at it.

She hasn’t given me solutions to my problems and fixed them for me.  Instead, she’s helped me learn how to find my own solutions and keep going, and that is so much more powerful.  I am in a much better place now than I was back in 2020.  In that time, I’ve:

-Discovered a better sense for who I am and what I want and decided on a new career path

-Created a detailed plan to get there and am about a month away from earning a certificate in project management

-Gained a greater sense of control over my life and optimism about the future

I absolutely could not have done all this without Ananda’s help.  Thank you very much, Ananda!

–Dave F

Testimonials – Thai Yoga Bodywork

I have done both the Thai Full Body, and hour Foot Session. Heaven! Foot Work was incredible. I haven’t stretched out in years, so the Thai Bodywork was a little challenging. Ananda did a great job in pushing me, but not to the point of pain. I can’t wait to do it all again. I’m in my 50’s, and being flexible is a key Component of staying healthy- since falls are something one needs to be concerned about. – Karen

My feet feel amazing, like they actually can flex again. Was a wonderful experience and already booked my next session. – Claudia

Got a thai Foot Work from Ananda, as a Tow truck operator who logs thousands of miles each week this was the most wonderfull feeling I ever felt. definitely will be coming back and recommending this place to others! thanks Ananda -Fabrice

Testimonials – Intuitive Medicine

I had an amazing distance energy reading/healing session with Ananda! So I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. I had no idea what an energy reading/healing session was. I also didn’t know if it would conflict with my own spiritual practices. I know Ananda and I know she is professional, non-judgmental, intelligent and trustworthy so I decided to go for it. What transpired over our session was incredible. While she was reading me and through 95% of the energy healing, (I had some heavy stuff), I felt this inner peace and relaxation just wash over me. My worries were gone and I was present. As a Christian I pray and meditate pretty regularly and so those benefits are not strange to me but I wasn’t expecting to experience that through a distance energy reading. With Ananda’s help, I was able to get to the root cause and feeling that was giving me so much trouble both recently and for years. She was also astute enough to give me a mental tool to use for present and future. Mental homework, if you will. I am currently practicing this mental exercise as the need arises and have found it super helpful. I have regular mental health therapy and so I am not a stranger to dealing with your inner stuff. However, this experience was unique and gave me a much-needed break through, despite having a great therapist. I highly recommend going to Ananda for an energy reading/energy healing. She is a kind and intuitive soul who is able to help you. -Dawn- Da

Thank you, Ananda, for sharing your intuition and grace!  Ananda’s presence is so calm, open, and trusting, I felt safe and comfortable delving deeply into facets of myself and my relationships that are in the process of healing.  I have recently found myself coming back to heal yet another layer of family relationships that I have been consciously working on for several years.  Though I am familiar with my process thus far, Ananda’s reflective listening, considerate questions, and simple suggestions of new practices and processes to try, have been extremely valuable as I continue on my path of communication, healing, and unconditional love, particularly with the deep and vulnerable relationships of family.  I really appreciated the ease of the session, where laughter and empathy were welcome, and nothing felt overly serious or esoteric.  Ananda uses her skill and intuition with a warm heart and grace, holding a clear and steady space for self-exploration and healing.  If you feel the call for a session, there is definitely a reason <3 Om shanti  -J

I have been dealing with family issues my whole life and I haven’t found anyone who has truly helped me heal right after a first session. I have been struggling with abandonment issues ever since my family left me at the age of two years old. I was battling depression and suicidal thoughts. Right after just one session from her which was my first I felt peace and freedom of feeling abandon. I feel relaxed, safe alone, and happier. I trust Ananda with my secrets, I feel comfortable, and loved by her. She is a healer and what ever you are going through she will care with all her heart to help you heal. I truly recommend her for a healing session and it is worth it!
​- Frankie

I have had two distance healing sessions with Ananda Walker. I can say that her gift works despite miles of distance between her and and the person she is helping. This is partly because her capacity to ask the right questions, the fact that she is a naturally good listener, and her focused and benevolent intent are, of course, not bounded by distance–as much to the point, her capacity to reach out, energetically, operates through compassion and the hard inner work she has plainly done also let her work commence at any distance, with tangible, immediate, ongoing, and wholly therapeutic effect–if you are of a creative bent, you will find yourself not merely fixed, but inspired–wholeheartedly recommended! -Benjamin

What impressed me the most was that Ananda went right to an issue that was currently at the top of my list. As we progressed through the session, I was able to feel the energies going in through the top of my head and being used on body areas that were connected to this issue. It has been over 2 months since my session, and I can still see results taking place. Not only has my physical form gone through changes, but also my living areas are being beneficially affected. Change is great when you are the one in charge. With Ananda’s guidance, you could have a similar experience. – Constance

I wasn’t sure if energy healing could be effective over text, but as soon as Ananda and I started chatting, I felt my energy moving.  She immediately saw what I have been working on lately in my life and relationships, located and removed the blockage that has been causing my problems.  She directed healing towards a deep wound in my heart with unconditional love, and helped me to prepare for a challenging conversation about which I felt fearful, but approached with confidence after receiving her help.  I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Ananda.

I went in to this not knowing what to expect. What I left with is a greater sense of self and a more confidence. I feel like it expanded my professional and personal life. Surprisingly enough, I have found my relationships improving as well. I truly can’t recommend it enough. 

– Adam

As a student of life and a being committed to the evolution of consciousness I have encountered many teachers and guides along the way that have assisted me on my own path of healing and self growth.  Seldom have I met someone who as a gentle guide deeply intuited and led me into what sometimes felt like treacherous waters of my dark history or unexplored regions of my past lives as well as unsolved physical ailments no western doctor could grapple with.  Ananda does this with the grace of an angel and the presence of a fierce warrior and protector which has allowed me as a client to go where I didn’t feel I had the courage to go and to do what I didn’t think was possible. Ananda is a deeply intuitive practitioner whose mastery seems to emerge from a wisdom beyond her years. She is also a natural instinctive healer whose presence, patience and commitment to the process is unwavering.  Ananda has assisted me where others have been unable to, with addressing and healing many personal issues from chronic migraines to chronic digestive problems as well as guiding me to uncover past lives that kept me stuck in habitual patterns that I did not understand.  She has also assisted me with old post traumatic stress disorder symptoms that unexpectedly arose and were keeping me from moving forward in my life.  She has assistant taught and co-facilitated other people’s journeys to wholeness not just in this life time but for many life times.  I highly recommend Ananda as a practitioner to safely guide and facilitate your journey to wholeness.