December 21, 2020 Energetic Shifts

I don’t know how you guys are doing out there, but I am already feeling this shift. Wow! What a ride. I hope that you have been preparing yourself for the next phase of the ascension process. We are about to make some really big collective leaps that will put us right in line with where we need to be to break through the coming information in 2021.

We have been preparing for these shifts all year, so now is the time to pull out all your 2020 life strategies to work with the energy and light that is coming in right now. What do I mean by this? All this year we have been having “little” tests and trials that are meant to call us back into alignment with our higher selves, being sovereign in our own bodies, recognizing the sovereignty of others, coming into unity consciousness, and shifting from a 3D to a 5D consciousness. I won’t get into what 5D consciousness means in this blog but I will address this soon. I am still decoding the downloads I’ve been receiving about 5D consciousness.

So what did you learn in 2020? Did you learn how to process your emotions better? Did you learn how to come back into yourself through movement, breath, meditation, creating, or some other technique? Did you learn how to CHOOSE the world you want to live in? Did you learn how to meditate? Did you get a better understanding of how your mind works and how to transform beliefs/patterns that no longer serve you? Did you expand your understanding of compassion for yourself and others? The list goes on.

The energy that is coming in now is like a massive wave of light. It’s coming in to really transform who you are and bring you more into yourself. One way to look at it is like your higher self is stepping more into your body. In this process it must MUST push out negativity or things that no longer serve you in order to make room. The end result of this process is being more EMBODIED. Which literally means to be more in your body.

What are some things you can do to help this process? Do NOT hold on to your old beliefs. Recognize your thoughts and beliefs that are coming up when you get “triggered” or feel off…. then SHAKE THINGS UP! This will help the energy to move through you, you want to literally dance, sing, jump up and down, laugh your ass off, anything to get your body moving. You are not your beliefs. Your beliefs are just software programs that have been running for a long time and holding you back from living your highest truth. It’s time to let them go and step into a new life. You have the potential now to feel more connected than you have ever felt before. Breathe life into that…this is so amazing!!

I was shown a vision of the future today…which has been rare this year. Normally I can see at least 5 to 10 years moving forward but this year has been all over the map. The reason for this is because we, as a collective have had many different time line opportunities that appeared this year. We have gotten past all the really negative time lines and are headed for some amazing times. We haven’t fully realized this yet, but get ready and start feeling this: heaven on earth!!

If you do your homework (which you will and you have, it’s already done – just pay attention and watch it unfold in your life) you will begin to have instant miracles in your life. Instant manifestations and things that will literally blow your mind. It is so important to be aware of what is happening right now. What I mean by that is what is happening energetically within you, what is transforming internally. We are shifting as a collective, but each of us is doing our own individual work. That’s how we shifts the whole.

I personally love the feeling of transformation, I would describe it as the feeling of a flower blooming, or a butterfly being born.

Okay, but what about the future? What I was shown this morning was a vision of the constructs of our society collapsing. They have already begun to deteriorate with the lock down. A lot of us are waking up and asking “why are we doing it like that when we could do it like this and everyone could live happier, more efficient and fulfilling lives.” This is just the beginning. We are going to start to see real shifts in the culture of humanity. It’s going to take some growing pains, but in the near future and over the next 4-5 years we will see a major shift in how we “do” almost every aspect of life. I’m talking about education, entertainment, our relationship to the environment, family structures, relationships, how we earn a “living”, and hierarchical power structures. Once we get through all of this we will be living on a literal heaven on earth.

We are living in exciting times!! You are doing great work! Keep it up!

Write your thoughts in the comments, I want to know what you’re experiencing during this intense energetic time.


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